At Primal Kitchen, our mission is to bring uncompromisingly delicious, high quality, nutrient dense foods to cities everywhere.

Created by Mark Sisson, the best-selling author of many health and fitness books as well as popular websites, and Mario Altiery, President of Upside Group Franchise Consulting, Primal Kitchen is poised to become one of the fastest growing fast-casual dining concepts in North America.

A Growing Movement Creates a Demand

Primal Kitchen Restaurants were born based on the growing desire from the masses for healthier, cleaner, organic dining options. Within the last decade, documentaries such as The World According to Monsanto and Food Inc., as well as countless studies on the dangers of eating over-processed food, have opened up consumers’ eyes to the benefits of eating organic. While there were some restaurants that offered organic options, many of them sacrificed taste for nutrition. Additionally, organic restaurants often charged more than most fast-casual restaurants, which was a turn off for many budget-conscious customers. This led to a quandary in which consumers had to sacrifice something, whether it was reasonable prices, quality ingredients, bad taste, or poor service and atmosphere. Consumers realized that low priced, poor quality food was in fact killing them with each bite and they were actively seeking alternatives only to realize that unfortunately, they weren’t out there.

A Passion for Health, a Partnership with a Purpose

Mark and Mario were both successful businessmen and health enthusiasts in their own rights. A former elite endurance athlete and bestselling author, Mark had created his own empire over the last several decades and had accumulated a legion of followers who had been inspired by his health and fitness advice. While he had owned several smaller specialty food concepts, he had always dreamed of developing a chain of organic, healthy restaurants that were accessible by the masses. Mario, meanwhile, had grown up in the restaurant industry, working in his family’s restaurants since he was 11 years old. As he had grown up, he had drawn upon his restaurant experience on many occasions. Through his work as president and founder of Upside Group Franchise Consulting, had built many successful brands from scratch. Mario, who had always been an athlete himself, had found Mark’s website and had become a supporter of Mark’s health and fitness philosophies.

It was through a chance meeting that Mark and Mario teamed up and created the Primal Kitchen concept- a food restaurant attached to a dynamic grab and go café - ideal for consumers on the go.

Experience and Passion Intersects with Customer Demand

Avid proponents of healthy, clean living, Mark and Mario came up with the Primal Kitchen concept after fans repeatedly mentioned that there were few fast-casual restaurants offering organic, clean-eating options in their area. The founders saw the massive gap in the marketplace for consumers who wanted to eat conveniently but were also concerned with what they were putting into their bodies and not wanting to compromise taste and enjoyment. Using market and consumer research studies as well as drawing on their combined decades of experience, Mark and Mario spent two years creating a concept that meets the needs of what today’s consumers have been clamoring for – great tasting food made with top quality organic ingredients served in a fun comfortable atmosphere by attentive, happy staff members.

A Quality Concept Becomes a Reality

Using scientific research and working with some of the nation’s top chefs as well as local farmers, ranchers, and organic vendors, Mark and Mario created a diverse menu targeting today’s health-conscious diner. The result was a restaurant that offered a wide variety of foods, beverages, and grab and go snacks that are not just healthy, but tasty as well.

Today Primal Kitchen is poised to become one of the hottest names in the industry, giving the people what they want- a true clean dining experience for an affordable price in a friendly atmosphere without sacrificing taste, quality, or nutrition. We believe that clean eating doesn’t need to be a compromise and that most of all, it should be accessible to people around the country. If you’re interested in joining this growing movement, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.